|Swatches and Review|Urban Decay Versus Covergirl: Dupes?

Hello loves!

So I had the wonderful opportunity to review the new Covergirl palettes you may have seen in the drugstore recently. I couldn’t help but notice that they are very similar to the Urban Decay Naked palettes (as you probably have noticed as well if you are a beauty addict too!)

I was really curious to compare shades and see how they both performed in terms of pigmentation, similarity and wear.

Keep in mind, Urban Decay Naked palettes retails for $64 CAD and $54 US, whereas the Covergirl palettes cost around $14.99 CAD and $11.99 US–so I imagined initially the quality would not be exact. I was right in some aspects, as I found Urban Decay’s shadows overall had better quality, and Covergirl had some shadows that weren’t as pigmented. But to be completely honest, I have to give it to Covergirl on this one. The palettes really impressed me and I think they are great additions to have in a makeup collection on a budget.

I don’t think the Covergirl palettes are absolute dupes for the Urban Decay Naked palettes, but many shades were similar. Check out below to view some swatches of similar shades!


The first Naked palette showed some similarities to the Covergirl Goldens palette. The shades on the left reflect the Covergirl Goldens TruNaked Eyeshadow Palette and the shades on the right reflect Urban Decay’s Naked Palette.

  • CG (Covergirl) Creme is compared to UD (Urban Decay) Virgin & Sin, although I found none of these were spot on dupes whatsoever.
  • CG Sun Kissed is compared to UD Half Baked. I would argue that they are similar, but they do have some slight differences that wouldn’t make them spot on either.
  • CG Cookie is compared to UD Naked. These are not dupes either haha! Naked is much more cooler than Cookie.
  • CG Ecru is compared to UD Dark Horse. I found these shades to be quite similar, but Ecru lacked in pigmentation.
  • CG Sierra is compared to UD Hustle. Again, these were not very similar as Hustle has more glitter than Sierra.
  • CG Ginger is compared to UD Smog. These were not dupes at all so completely disregard the swatch haha.

I definitely found that the other palettes had more dupes than these two. I honestly wouldn’t even really compare these and get one over the other as I feel they both contribute positives to a makeup collection. I think Covergirl really did deliver in terms of pigmentation and blend-ability.



Again, for reference, the left swatches are Covergirl and the right are Urban Decay!

  • CG Buff was compared to UD Bootycall. Bootycall tends to be more pink, so I wouldn’t call these dupes.
  • CG Shell was compared to UD Foxy. These two are not dupes either, as Foxy definitely has more yellow pigment to it.
  • CG Champagne was compared to UD Chopper. I’m not sure why I even compared these, but hey–you know they aren’t dupes.
  • CG Link was compared to UD Suspect. The shades are similar in colour, but the formulation is much different. Suspect has more of a satin finish, whereas Link is definitely matte.
  • CG Coffee was compared to UD Busted. These two were similar, but Busted is a tad darker.
  • CG Sable was compared to UD Blackout. These two are both black shades and are pigmented. I would say these are pretty close dupes.

As you can tell, I really don’t think the Nakeds and Goldens palette from Covergirl aren’t really dupes for Urban Decay’s Naked palettes. Are they similar? Yes, absolutely! But are they dupes? I wouldn’t really say so.



Out of all the palettes, I think the Naked 3 and the Roses palette are the closest dupes! Just like before, to the left are swatches of Covergirl and the right are swatches of Urban Decay

  • CG Almond was compared to UD Strange. This was a pretty close dupe I would say!
  • CG Rose Gold was compared to UD Trick. These initially are similar, but the rose gold definitely has more of a pink undertone to it. I would say close, but not close enough.
  • CG Champagne was compared to UD Dust. Dust is definitely more pink with shimmer, so this is not a dupe.
  • CG Baby was compared to UD Limit. Again, these two are similar but not exact dupes. I would say that Limit has more mauve to it. To be honest, I prefer how Baby wears!
  • CG Copper Rose was compared to UD Nooner. Nooner is a tad darker, but I would say they are pretty close! I really enjoy both shades a lot.
  • CG Dusk was compared to UD Factory. Factory has a bit more shimmer to it and is a tad lighter. They are really similar though, and definitely close enough to be dupes in my personal opinion.
  • CG Mauvegerine was compared to UD Dark Side. Its hard because these shades are similar but at the same time they are just slightly different–not enough to buy both palettes due to this difference though. I think they are pretty close to one another to consider them dupes.
  • CG Mousse was compared to UD Black Heart. I thought these two were very similar to one another, and I actually prefer Mousse over Black Heart in terms of the quality and wear.

Overall, I think that all of these palettes are worth getting. I think the Covergirl palettes are different enough to separate from the Urban Decay Naked palettes, but that is coming from a hardcore makeup addict. If you aren’t totally into makeup, I would say out of all the Naked palettes get the first one, and out of all the Covergirl palettes, get the Roses!

The original Naked palette is my most used palette as there are so many versatile colours in the palette that can create almost any look you are going for. The Covergirl Roses in my opinion is a bit better than the Urban Decay 3 palette if I had to compare the two, because I feel the Urban Decay palette lacks pigmentation in certain areas, which is definitely not worth it at a steep price point. I think the Roses palette by Covergirl adds something new to your makeup look and can also create a lot of beautiful creations!

The Roses palette is very pigmented and blends very well.

What do you all think? Are you going to purchase any? Do you have any already?

Let me know down below!

Love always,

Jess xo.

I am a #BeautyUnited influencer. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events. The opinions on this blog are my own.

5 thoughts on “|Swatches and Review|Urban Decay Versus Covergirl: Dupes?

  1. Polarbelle says:

    You’re pictures are fantastic. I picked up Goldebs and wore it today. It’s a beautiful and decent palette for the price. I’m so happy that the quality of Covergirl has really improved in the last couple of years. I think I just might have to get the other two. They’re so much more portable and storage than the Nakeds. I really enjoyed your analysis.


    • xxojess says:

      Thank you so much for your sweet comments! I really appreciate it. I agree–it is definitely great for the price! Definitely get the Roses palette and let me know what you think! 🙂


  2. Yan says:

    Thank you for the swatches and info!! It really helped me your post!! I will definitely follow you on instagram.
    Greetings from Argentina.


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