|Swatches and Review| L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss

Hello, loves!

I purchased the L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss quite a while ago, but I just kept forgetting to try these as other items have caught my eye.

For some reason, I feel the need to collect makeup and sometimes forget about it..I’m thinking I may need a makeup room to display all my lovely items and then maybe I will use items more…;)

ANYWAYS, this product retails for $9.99 US or $13.99 CAD a piece. I found mine at Shoppers Drug Mart!


From left to right: 314 Nude Allure, 318 Bare Attraction, 310 Forbidden Kiss, 300 Blushing Ambition 

I ended up purchasing four colours (listed above) and I honestly wish I got more.

The consistency of these are really strange. I don’t even know what to call them to be honest as the formula is something I have never tried before!

Initially, when putting them on, it literally feels like a lipgloss. But as you apply it, the formula is matte and literally looks like a liquid lipstick.

My lips are super dry literally all the time–I use lip balm 24/7. Some would say I am addicted haha. So liquid lipsticks have been my best friend and worst enemy at times. These products are the best of both worlds! It is on trend with the matte aspect, but keeps my lips moisturized!

Mind you, the wear time of these won’t be like a liquid lipstick as it actually has a consistency of a gloss. If you eat, drink, move your lips around, these glosses will move right with ya. But I think something I’ve been questioning is: would I rather have a liquid lipstick that dries my lips (and may not look great by the end of the day)? Or, would I rather have a gloss I need to touch up throughout the day but looks matte?

My verdict: I would definitely rather have these products that look matte but have some moisture to it.

Here are some erm, lovely swatches of these colours on my lips.

This wasn’t my best picture day, mind you but it is a sacrifice I will take for y’all to get this review!

318 Bare Attraction 

When I swatched this on my hand, I thought I would like it more than I do. Don’t get me wrong, it is a lovely colour…but it is a bit too warm for me I suppose. I’m not too sure what is off about it for me, but overall I think people would enjoy this colour.

314 Nude Allure

This shade definitely appears a bit more red on my lips, more so than ‘nude’ as the name describes. But it definitely adds a nice colour to my lips. I feel like this colour will bring a punch to a look with just some mascara, which I love!

300 Blushing Ambition 

  OK, OK, so this is definitely not my colour. But it may just be the colour for you! This colour is definitely way too cool toned for me, and is a super bright pink. This is really not a colour I typically go for, but in the store I felt ambitious I suppose and thought this could look okay on me–I was definitely wrong haha! Anyways, I’m sure this would look lovely on someone else, so I included a lip swatch for reference.


310 Forbidden Kiss

I think this is probably one of my favourite shades. This colour is dark, but not so dark that I would feel uncomfortable going out in it. I also loved how this shade wore throughout the day. As it did fade away (as it really is a gloss), the colour still stayed on my lips and looked consistent, which is something great for a darker shade.


From top to bottom: 318 Bare Attraction, 314 Nude Allure, 300 Blushing Ambition, 310 Forbidden Kiss

Here are some swatches of the colours on my skin (for reference, I am about NC20-25, closer to NC20 at the moment!)

One thing to note is when I applied this, I noticed that it made my lips feel numb. Not like, “I’m dying!” kind of numb…but just a really strange feeling. It went away within the first 15 minutes of wearing it, but if something like that would just freak you right out, that is just something to be aware of. I was a bit frightened at first, but I’ve heard that others have felt this as well, so it made me feel a bit better haha. It doesn’t impact my decision to wear these, and quite honestly, I will likely purchase more!

I would love to hear what you all have to say about this product! Let me know down below!

Love always,

Jess xo.


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