|Review & Recommendations| Favourite Brushes & How I Clean Them!

Hi, hello!

Today I’m going to be discussing the topic no one really likes..cleaning brushes. If you have a lot of them like me, it will be a cringing moment when you know you have to do it–but it is so important!

I will admit I should clean my brushes more than I do. There, I said it.

I’ve found that the way I clean my brushes though can definitely make a difference, and I’ve found certain items that have really enhanced my brush cleaning experience.


In terms of which soap I use, I honestly just use baby shampoo. I’ve found that is the best method for me and the cheapest, especially since I have an extensive amount of brushes.

Obviously my beauty sponge pictured above is not clean haha, but this has been my go to sponge for over a year. This is by the brand Quo, which can be found at your local Shoppers Drug Mart for about $6.00. I find it works just as good as the original Beauty Blender. I like using the bottom of it for my foundation and the pointed tip for concealer! Honestly, it works like a dream!

What has really been a life saver when cleaning brushes is my Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat! I love it because it really gets into my brushes and gives it a deep clean that wouldn’t happen with just my hands. The cool thing about this mat is that it has seven different textures that clean your face and eye brushes! It fits in my sink perfectly and it even suctions at the bottom so it doesn’t move around everywhere. It has cut my time a lot in terms of how long I used to spend just using my hands. When you have a ton of brushes, this is super convenient and easy. This mat retails for $25 USD which in my opinion, is so worth it.

Above, I also have a mini mat which I got as a freebie once when I ordered a lot of brushes! I like it, but I personally prefer the cleaning mat more, as it is way bigger and has more space to clean my brushes!

I really want to try the Dry’n Shape Tower…specifically the full set, as I have so many brushes. It seems like such a great idea rather than me laying all my brushes out on a table! 🙂

Another item I’ve really been loving when it comes to spot cleaning my brushes is the Cinema Secrets Makeup Brush Cleaner! I can’t believe I haven’t used this before because it is truly a life saver. When you initially smell it, it really smells like alcohol–but once your brushes dry it actually has a pleasant vanilla smell to it!

I tend to use the Cinema Secrets Cleansing Tin and pour some of the cleaner inside. This makes it really easy to dip my brush in and use paper towel to wipe it until there is no more colour on the brush! I wouldn’t say this is an alternative to deep cleaning by any means, but the drying time of this is less than 5 minutes–so if you are in a hurry, this is a great way to go!


I would absolutely love to share with you my favourite brushes so far! I have quite a few to be honest haha! Of course they aren’t washed because this is a post on cleaning brushes…makes total sense…whoops.


From top to bottom:

Morphe M501: This pointed brush is so amazing to highlight with! Oh my goodness….I got this brush approximately two months ago and I’ve been using it every day since! It is my holy grail highlight brush for sure!

Morphe M523: This brush is great for contouring! It really gets in the hollows of my cheeks. This is super popular on YouTube as well, and is a great affordable brush to get a beautiful contour.

Blush Brush: I actually can’t find this on the Walmart website anymore, and it is so old that the brand has worn off..haha…but it is from Walmart and it is my holy grail blush brush! It picks up a punch and really blends well!

Morphe M527: I use this brush to bronze up my face–specifically with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light. This brush makes this bronzer look so gorgeous on my skin, its unreal. I definitely recommend you to pick this baby up!

Sigma F35: I love using this tapered highlighter brush for the powder I use on top of my concealer. It picks up a good amount of product and it gets right under the eye! It definitely helps stop creasing. I’ve also used this as a highlight brush on my cheek bones and it works really nicely too!


From top to bottom:

Morphe E21: I really enjoy using this synthetic brush to blend out my eyeshadow. It does an amazing job at blending and because it is angled, I feel that I have a bit more control of the colours I blend together.

Morphe E27: This brush is great for blending and to also use with a transition shade. I tend to use this with the first base colour I use around my crease and then later on once I have my darker crease colour to blend it out with a lighter shade. This is really a go to brush for me!

Morphe E13: This oval shaped brush is great to use in the crease. As I have asian eyes, I have to kind of make my own crease and this allows me to do that really well. It picks up colour well and I find the synthetic brush really allows me to disperse the colour evenly on my eyelids.

Sigma E35: This brush really allows me to blend my eyeshadows really well! It tapers a bit, which makes it easy to use it to create a dramatic look or to soften it up by blending out the colours I am using.

Sigma E25: These two blending brushes are amazing! The mini one has come free with a purchase and the other one I bought. I personally love both and use them daily! This is an ideal brush to use to soften up a look and to blend your colours together. You need this brush! It is so so great!


Sigma E20: I think everyone should have a handy short shader brush to use as a brow highlight. This brush goes EVERYWHERE with me. It packs just enough colour and applies product great! I sometimes use it in the inner corners of my eye as well!

Sigma E55: This is one of Sigma’s top sellers, which totally makes sense! I love this eye shader brush because it has rounded edges, making it really easy to use on your lid. It also picks up a lot of colour which is something I truly love in a shader brush!

Lise Watier Double Applicator Lash and Eyebrow Brush: This is my holy grail eyebrow brush, hands down. Every single one I’ve used that isn’t this brush I have not enjoyed like this one…there is something special about this brush! It picks up just the right amount of brow product and the brush is gentle yet does the job. I don’t even use other brushes when it comes to my brows!

Sigma E15: YOU NEED THIS BRUSH! Oh my. I use this brush for my lower lash line and damn! I don’t know what I would do without this brush quite honestly. The thin and flat edge it provides is perfect for using shadow for your lower lash line to produce a really nice blended look!

Morphe M421: Okay, so technically this is a concealer brush…but it is more than that. This is a magical brush! I use this for my lid, specifically if I’m using shades like Makeup Geek’s foiled eyeshadows because it picks up so much product and I have no fallout either! This has been my saving grace! I love it!

Elf Eyeshadow Brush: I got this brush in a limited edition kit but you can find them for cheap at Target if you live in the US. This eyeshadow brush is a great alternative as it is super inexpensive and does the job at packing your lid colour!

I totally forgot to mention my MAC 217 blending brush…that is another holy grail that I think everyone needs!

I hope you found this helpful!

Let me know what your favourite makeup brushes are! 🙂

Love always,

Jess xo.

Note: The Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat and Quo Makeup Sponge were sent for review, but all opinions are my own.

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