|Swatches & Review| Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette: Is It Worth It? Let Me Work It!

Hi, hello!

Thanks for reading my second post on my ‘Is It Worth It? Let Me Work It’ series!

Today I will be discussing the ever so popular Too Faced Sweet Peaches Eyeshadow Palette. This baby has been a mission to get, and if you saw in my previous post I had a giveaway featuring this palette as well! The winner was contacted and got her goodies! 🙂



This palette is inspired by peaches (obviously) and there are 18 stunning shades. I love the packaging of this palette–it is thin, compact and sturdy. I really enjoy the ombre orange colour as well! The packaging is essentially the same as the chocolate bar palettes which I like, except rather than the top of the palette looking like a chocolate bar, there are little peaches on it! Super adorable! The packaging had a magnetic closure and feels like a tin, which I think definitely protects the shadows.


Here is a picture of the outside of the palette. Cute right?

Also, let me know if you would like swatches and a review for the Melted Mattes 😉


So, does it smell like peaches? I am going to say yes, but it doesn’t necessarily smell like straight up fresh peaches to me. It kind of smells like peaches and…alcohol? Haha. It definitely has a peach scent, but there is something stronger there too!

I can smell the peaches scent even with my palette closed, but not from a real distance. When I put my nose near the palette with it closed, I can still smell it 🙂 I honestly like the smell of it though! I think it definitely adds to the fun and vibrancy to this palette.



I really enjoy the various colours in this palette! For the most part, there are more neutral colours which makes it really daytime appropriate for everyday wear. I personally really gravitate towards warmer, neutral shades! What I truly enjoy about this palette is that there is a lot of room to spice up a look. There are still a lot of different bolder colours to choose from that can amp up a look really easily, and the more ‘out’ there colours I can definitely see myself wearing!

I found that some shades performed a tad better than others, but overall I think this is an excellent palette and well worth it. Let’s get into the swatches!




From top to bottom:

  • White Peach (Satin): This shade is really smooth and pigmented–great for a brow bone highlight  in my opinion. I think I would definitely use this shade a lot!
  • Luscious (Metallic): I really, really like this shade! It has a copper brown/orange tint to it, and it is really stunning and blends so well!
  • Just Peachy (Shimmer): This rosey pink shade has a gold reflect to it a bit, and is really stunning! I found it wasn’t as opaque as Lucious, but it is definitely a beautiful peachy/pink shade!
  • Bless Her Heart (Frost): I think this is a really interesting and beautiful shade. It feels buttery, pigmented and smooth. It is olive green with a hint of brown mixed in! I think this is once of the more stand out shades to me and one I am really loving. It is one that on the outside I was like ‘meh’ but once I swatched it I was like ‘YAAASSS’
  • Tempting (Pearl): This dark shade is really pigmented but isn’t as buttery. When I first swatched it, I thought this wouldn’t really be great blended out but it actually surprised me and blended out nicely!
  • Charmed, I’m Sure (Matte): This is a bit of a cooler medium brown shade that is really stunning. I’ve quite enjoyed using this shade in my crease!



From top to bottom:

  • Nectar (Frost): YES, NECTAR, YES! In the pan this doesn’t look like a really exciting colour but I actually recall swatching it for the first time and it was a magical experience. It is very pigmented, smooth and blends like a dream. I actually quite enjoy pairing this with Tempting, as when the shades blend together it goes into a really gorgeous olive shade! (But seriously try nectar on your lid, use a little bit of Puree in your crease and then put Tempting in the outer corner and blend it with nectar and thank me later)
  • Cobbler (Pearl):  I really like the texture of this shade and the hint of red to this brown shade brings it to life. It is so pretty and blends really well. I’ve been using this shade quite a bit, actually.
  • Candid Peach (Matte with Glitter): This is an interesting shade. It is definitely peach, and I think it is a great colour and very fitting for this palette! 😉 It has a matte finish but has really sparkly gold glitter in it! I think it definitely makes this shade stand out but I did find a bit less pigmented, but can be easily built up.
  • Bellini (Frost): BELLINI! YES! This colour speaks to me, and this is definitely a shade I tend to gravitate to! This is a warm peachy-pink shade and it is just stunning. When I first opened this palette my eyes instantly went to Bellini, and then looked above at Bless Her Heart and I died a little inside. I love it!
  • Peach Pit (Shimmer): I think this shade is really stunning–it is a mixture of red, purple and brown it seems. I did find this was slightly less pigmented than other shades in this palette, but it still blended out nicely.
  • Delectable (Satin): I want to say this shade is delectable in terms of wear, but unfortunately this shade was pretty patchy for me, as you can see above. I really like this dark brown/purple shade and I think it had so much potential, but unfortunately this shade doesn’t do it for me.



From top to bottom:

  • Peaches N’ Cream (Matte): This is a more yellow neutral shade, and I have used this colour to blend out my crease a bit and it works lovely. It is really buttery and pigmented!
  • Georgia (Matte): I always hum the song Georgia when I use this shade! This colour is more peachy than Peaches N’ Cream and I feel this is a shade that looks boring but can do a lot of good. I think this could be used as a transition shade fairly well!
  • Caramelized (Frost): So basically, I just really enjoy the frosted finishes in this palette because this is another colour that I absolutely love. It is a bit more richer than Cobbler but looks like they belong to the same family. They are sisters hehe 🙂 But seriously, this shade is beautiful!
  • Puree (Matte): This looks like your everyday go to brown shade that would look perfect in your crease. I have been using this shade the most and goes well with basically every colour in this palette!
  • Summer Yum (Matte): This shade is definitely more red than Puree, but nonetheless it is still a very stunning colour. It is pigmented, smooth and all that jazz!
  • Talk Derby To Me (Satin): This shade has a lot of sparkle in it. Like a lot. I have to admit, I think Too Faced tends to have a shade in every palette that kind of looks like this–I could be wrong, though. I don’t find that this shade is super pigmented but it can be built up. I just don’t really gravitate towards this shade much and I think this may be one of my untouchables in the palette.



So minus two shades (Delectable and Talk Derby To Me) I absolutely love this palette! I think the shades work well together and they are all very wearable shades that can be mixed up!

I highly recommend this palette as I find there are truly lovely shades in here, and of course, who wouldn’t love having a palette that smells like peaches?!

The only downside is that this palette has been in and out of stock weekly and it is also limited edition. But I do think it will become available again, and when it does, run and get your hands on it!

So…is it worth it?

Well, I worked it and I say yes!

What do YOU think? Will you work it? 🙂  Let me know down below!

Love always,

Jess xo.


26 thoughts on “|Swatches & Review| Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette: Is It Worth It? Let Me Work It!

  1. Mary Shean says:

    I would say yes it’s worth it. The colors are beautiful, everyone wants it. I’m sure it’s worth the money as well also it’s always sold out. It’s on my list. Thank you for such a wonderful review.
    IG- Maryjeannyc


  2. imnotabeautyguru says:

    I managed to grab this palette and I have the same thoughts as you: I love it! It’s my first too faced palette. The peach smell is an amazing touch!


      • imnotabeautyguru says:

        I was thinking of the chocolate bar palette but not sure! I feel like I have so much makeup!! 😉 But definitely maybe!


  3. sindirella01 says:

    This is the one palette I absolutely want!! I have been eye-ing it and waiting for it to come back in stock! Reading this blog makes me want it even more!! Hahaha love the review!!!
    A few of the many reasons i WANT THIS PALETTE…
    Love the neutral colors..
    Favorite fruit are peaches
    And im from the Peach state lol
    Peaches are life!! 😂


  4. Anonymous says:

    I need this palette!!! It was suppose to be released on Friday at Sephora but when I went they never received their shipment 😔. I’m hoping it comes back in stock on line or Sephora gets their stock


  5. stephieestie says:

    First if all, I love the title to this post! Now the palette looks great but I think I am going to skip this one. I’ve been eyeing the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette and so need that one. Gorgeous colors on the TF Peach one though. 🙂


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