|Review & Swatches|Caked Makeup Lip Fondants

Hi, hello!

I apologize for not posting for a bit–I’ve been tackling exams and moving back home (for good) as I am done University now! Yay! Panic! All the emotions!

I have been fortunate to receive a package from Caked Makeup, an indie makeup company that is vegan and cruelty free. Nicole, the fabulous woman behind Caked Makeup is so sweet and so passionate about what she does, which is shown through her amazing personality but also through these awesome products!



The box of these Lip Fondants is stunning and super cute! They have little donuts on the sides, and sprinkles and icing around it as well. It definitely fits the cute theme of cake! I honestly kept a few of the boxes just because they are so darn precious!

In terms of the product itself, the packaging is really on point. The top of the tube also has icing and sprinkles which again, totally adds to the theme of cake! I really love it, and it goes to show how much effort has been put into these products!


The Lip Fondants also have the names of the shade at the bottom of the tube, which is essential. What sticks out to me most though is how creative the names are displayed, such as hearts as ‘O’s for example. It just makes the packaging so much more fun!

If I were to whip this out of my purse, I can almost guarantee you one of my friends would comment on how cute the packaging is, and be more curious about the product just over the way the tube is displayed. Kudos to Caked Makeup on really delivering amazing packaging!



These Lip Fondant’s have the most amazing scent to them! Can you guess what they smell like? If you guessed cake, you are right πŸ˜‰

They have a super sweet cake smell to them, and I love it! Once applied though, I don’t smell it anymore which is good for those who aren’t a fan of fragrant lip products. I definitely think it again adds to the cake theme though, and I’m really glad they have such a sweet scent to them!



In total, there are 6 Lip Fondants available right now for $16 USD. I think that is a standard price for these products and I personally would pay for them.

I hope more shades come out as I think these products have been a hit! I think right now there is a colour for everyone, but I would love to see more shades to the line.

Pictured above from top to bottom is Low Key, Creme de la Creme, Power Trip, Sweet Tooth, Jelly, and Legit.

In terms of staying power, these lip fondants did a great job at staying on my lips and also feeling comfortable. I would say all but one shade worked out for me well, which you will find out down below what my experiences were. Overall though, I avoided most oily foods when testing these out and they lasted for at least 4 hours without needing to re-apply them. With greasy foods, I did need to re-apply but they went on nicely over top of the colour already!

I did find most of these shades a bit sticky though, but I didn’t mind as much because they weren’t overly drying. They were not sticky to the point where they were uncomfortable either, so that is a plus.

The texture of this formula is a mousse-like feeling on the lips which I really enjoyed. It dried completely matte within minutes as well.



From top to bottom:

  • Legit
  • Low Key
  • Creme de la Creme
  • Power Trip
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Jelly



Creme de la Creme: This is a cool nude shade, and possibly my favourite out of the bunch. Although it is a cooler shade, I think it could really suit a lot of different skin tones! I was impressed with the wear of this shade and it also looked really nice if I did need to re-apply. I can see myself wearing this shade wearing a lot of makeup, or above where I am only wearing some mascara, foundation and blush!


Low Key: I can really see this pinky-mauve colour being a huge hit, and for good reason. This applied very evenly and looked really nice on! This is definitely a unique colour in my opinion, because it is a mauve toned shade, but it has a little oomph to it that makes it a bit different! I really enjoy this shade, and I highly recommend it!


Legit: This berry colour applied really nicely and I found it super flattering! I can definitely see myself wearing this shade a lot and I think it would look stunning on a lot of different skin tones.


Sweet Tooth: This colour applied evenly, but I wasn’t a huge fan of this shade on me in particular. I think this pink shade actually made my teeth look really yellow, as you can see above. I don’t have anything bad to say about this shade in general, but on me personally, I don’t think I’ll be wearing this much. It is gorgeous though! Just not on me!


Power Trip: Okay, so firstly, when swatching this shade, I quite liked it and wish it worked out better for me. For some odd reason it did not apply very evenly and if I did try to re-apply it, it was quite patchy. I ended up completely removing it and re-applying it on my bare lips and it did turn out better. So this has me thinking that it may not re-apply the best once it starts wearing off. My overall thoughts of this shade is that I like the colour, but the formula didn’t seem the exact same as the others in terms of wear. It dried the same and smelled the same, but for some reason it just didn’t wear the same on me which is a shame. I will definitely be giving this colour another try though, and will let you know what happens!


Jelly: This bold purple shade looks like a mixture of purple/pink on my lips, and I was actually pleasantly surprised when I tried this colour! It truly looks like ‘jelly’ haha! This is a very unique shade–one that I will most definitely wear, but maybe not everyday. I would definitely be stepping out of my comfort zone by wearing this, but in a good way. I think it is a really bold, but stunning shade.



I think this new brand has something really amazing to offer, and I would definitely recommend trying some of these lip fondants out. My favourite out of the bunch would be Creme de la Creme, Low Key and Jelly!

The packaging, scent, formula, and wear of these are really amazing. I can tell a lot of hard work and love went into making these products, and I truly hope more items get released in the near future!

What do you think of these lip fondants?!
Let me know down below!

Love always,

Jess xo.

*Note: Products were sent for review, but my thoughts and opinions on these are 100% mine!*

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