|Review and Swatches| Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick

Hi, hello!

I’m super excited to swatch and review 19 of the Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipsticks! 🙂 I didn’t receive In Demand which is described as a neutral pink shade, but I have all the other shades swatched and reviewed for y’all! ❤

I’m so grateful that Smashbox Canada sent me all of these goodies to share with y’all today! I got sent these liquid lipsticks quite some time ago, so it took me quite a while to try them all out and give a thorough review on what I think of them. Thank you so much Smashbox for all your support and for sending me such an amazing package! ❤

These liquid lipsticks claim to be water-resistant, long-wearing and packed with pigment! They also have primer-oil in them, which is to help them last long and feel comfortable on the lips!


Do they live up to the claim? I definitely think these are long lasting and they are extremely pigmented. With only one swipe I saw there was a lot of colour payoff. In terms of the primer oil infused in these products, I think it does help the liquid lipstick last longer and it does feel pretty comfortable for such a long lasting product. These liquid lipsticks don’t transfer when I wear them but after a few hours, I have that itch to have some moisture on my lips!

Just a quick note about my own lips – I love liquid lipsticks BUT my lips are always seeking moisture! I have dry lips and I (literally) have an addiction to lip balm. These are definitely one of the longest wearing liquid lipsticks I’ve tried that don’t drive my lips insane! But after several hours, I usually apply some form of balm to my lips in order to soothe my dry lips.

One thing I love about these liquid lipsticks are the sleek packaging and the applicator. It is like a doe-foot applicator but is pointed on the end, which makes it really easy to line my lips perfectly especially around my cupids bow. These bad boys are sooo pigmented that I don’t need to put the applicator back in again.

Once these liquid lipsticks are applied, I suggest not applying a second layer. I found that when I did this, the formula would look a bit cakey on my lips and also little flakes would come off once it dried. I honestly think one layer is enough with these liquid lipsticks – yes, they are that pigmented! I find this to be a good thing as you use less product! 🙂


In terms of the shade range, they have many colours from nudes, purples, reds, browns, etc. I think they have a really great colour selection and there is definitely a colour for everyone! I naturally gravitated towards the more nude shades, but there are a few more bolder colours I was pleasantly surprised with!

These liquid lipsticks cost $28 CAD which I think is a fair price – it isn’t cheap but it isn’t overly expensive either! With the long-lasting formula, I definitely think its worth it!


From top to bottom (and left to right):

  • Big Spender – This rose shade is the perfect colour whether I am wearing minimal makeup or a full glam look! This is definitely one of my favourite shades as I’ve been really loving that rose/mauve colour lately. I have a feeling people will be spending big money on this! *lol*
  • Shockaholic – This shade is described as ‘bright pink’ which is definitely true, but I like it because I feel it is a wearable bright pink colour. If you want to step out of your comfort zone but not too much, this is a great shade to start with!
  • Let’s Dance – This berry shade leans more towards purple/pink and it definitely makes me want to dance! I can totally see myself wearing this colour a lot!
  • Dream Huge – Can we just take a moment and appreciate how beautiful this shade is?! This is for sure my favourite shade as it is pink but with a hint of mauve. So wearable!
  • Miss Conduct – This is a pretty deep red/purple plum shade and as you can see, it was a bit patchy when swatched. Unfortunately on my lips, I experienced the same issue which was strange as the rest of these colours applied effortlessly and streak-free. This is my least favourite out of all the liquid lipsticks in this range and I would recommend trying other shades before this one.

From top to bottom (and left to right):

  • Girl Gang – This true plum shade showed up pretty patchy/streaky as well unfortunately. It is a nice shade, but it is one you can pretty much find anywhere and in various formulas – so in my opinion, I would pass on this one.
  • Disorderly – Ahh this is a really gorgeous brick red/brown shade…it is stunning. It was a bit streaky but not as bad as Miss Conduct and Girl Gang. I really love this colour, and the streaky-ness is workable. It still wasn’t my favourite, but the colour really won me over!
  • Thrill Seeker – Thrill seeker is described as a red/orange shade but I found it to be mainly orange. There is a small hint of red in there though. This isn’t a colour I particularly go for, but it is really nice and applied very well! I would definitely wear this during Halloween or something though!
  • Baja Bound – I find Baja Bound is a really interesting coral shade – in my opinion, I see this as the perfect coral! Some corals are way too orange and this one is just right 🙂 I really love this shade and can see myself wearing this a lot during the spring time!
  • Chill Zone – Oh baby. This is such a BEAUTIFUL shade! It is a deep grey colour and it is just gorgeous on! I feel so bad ass when I wear it! I totally recommend this shade as it is super unique and wears like a dream. I didn’t experience any patchiness or streaks and it applied evenly. GET IT!

From top to bottom (and left to right):

  • Out Loud – Three words: YOU NEED THIS! Honestly, my swatch doesn’t even do this colour justice…this is like the perfect burnt pumpkin orange colour! Seriously, this shade and Chill Zone are extremely unique and I highly recommend them. Like for real. Go online and order it now or go to Sephora or Shoppers…you get my point.
  • Babe Alert – This shade is described as a nude rose and I couldn’t agree more! I can see this being my everyday liquid lipstick…the colour is just so stunning!
  • Some Nerve – DAMN this is a super bright purple … but really cool at the same time! This definitely is out of my comfort zone but in a good way! I can totally see myself rocking this out at the club with my friends or something!
  • Drivers Seat – This shade is described as warm pink but it looks a bit darker than that when I swatched it…its still a super pretty colour though! I’m just not sure about the description. I can see myself wearing this often though.
  • Stepping Out – This darker nude colour is sooo nice! If you want a nude that you will look bomb in, this is the one for you. It has a hint of deepness to it, so I think it makes it a bit different than your basic nude!

From top to bottom (and left to right):

  • Blast Off – I think this bright coral is stunning for the spring and summertime! It is bright but also has a hint of darkness that makes it more wearable! I definitely would also love this with a tan!
  • True Grit – This is a straight up dark brown colour – a bit too dark for my liking personally, but this shade with minimal eye makeup looks pretty amazing in my opinion.
  • Bang Bang – Whenever I look at this shade and think of the name I always think of the song ‘Bang Bang’ by Jessie J haha! This is a really nice red shade but I do find it can make my teeth look a bit more yellow because of the undertone of the shade. It is a really nice red though if you don’t want to be SUPER dramatic but have a some fun 😉
  • Bawse – This last shade shown is in collaboration with Lilly Singh, also known as iisuperwomanii on YouTube! She is also from Canada which is awesome *represent!* Her shade is a beautiful true red and this basically does the opposite of Bang Bang – it definitely makes my teeth look whiter!

Which shade do you like best? Have you tried this formula? If so–what do you think?!

Love always,

Jess xo.

NOTE: These liquid lipsticks were sent for review but all opinions and thoughts are 100% my own!

12 thoughts on “|Review and Swatches| Smashbox Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick

  1. Anonymous says:

    Smashbox is one of my favourite makeup companies! I really need to try one out after your review, All the shades look beautiful, how do I pick just 1?? I reallly understand your dry lip problem! I can never seem to keep mine completely moisturised.
    Thank you for this post Jess!


  2. shireenplatt says:

    There’s something about Smashbox that doesn’t appeal to me. I find that the brand is okay but a little overpriced and I always compare it to MUFE. For some reason I have always find Smashbox is in the league of Bourjois, mid range and not quite high end. :-/

    Love your swatches here, Jess and brilliant review!


    • xxojess says:

      Hmm interesting! I really like Smashbox primers…they are really overpriced though! I think Smashbox is beginning to bring out some exciting new collabs though which is cool! I love MUFE too! I feel like I have less MUFE items in my collection though..perhaps I should try out more of their products 🙂
      Thanks so much for commenting Shireen!


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