|New Products, Swatches, & First Impressions| Joe Fresh Beauty

Hi, hello!

I hope you have all been well!

Today I will be sharing some of the new Joe Fresh Beauty products that can now be found at your local Shopper’s Drug Mart!


Joe Fresh is a brand that I personally love – I’m a huge fan of their clothes and the makeup I have tried over the years has never failed me. At one point, I was super obsessed with their highlights and blushes when I first started getting into makeup. I still have Joe Fresh Beauty products, which goes to show the quality is definitely still there. I for sure recommend their lipsticks – they are super smooth, creamy and pigmented in colour.

I’m really excited to see their products expanding and that they are coming out with new products that fit trends today!


Joe Fresh Tinted Lip Balm ($12.00 CAD): Who can say no to a good tinted lip balm? I definitely wear these when I’m going for a natural look or I have an early shift at work and want to still look a bit more awake. I hate getting ready in the mornings, so I try and avoid putting a lot of makeup on. These tinted lip balms are perfect for a touch of colour! These tinted lip balms also have ingredients such as maracuja (passion fruit) oil, grape seed oil, Shea butter, rose hip oil and avocado.

Joe Fresh Universal Brow Crayon ($12 CAD): Okay, so I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the whole ‘crayon’ for brows. This trend doesn’t appeal to me too much as I usually like pencils where I can define my shape a bit more precisely. This brow crayon is supposed to help define and tame your brows and also be a universal shade for anyone. I’m really curious to see if this would actually work for everyone…I’ve heard their Universal Brow Tint actually works wonders though! I did try this brow crayon and it honestly didn’t match me perfectly..I tend to have pretty dark brows and also fill them in pretty dark (I usually use Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette). I found this just looked too strange and waxy on my brows unfortunately.

Joe Fresh Highlighter Stick ($10 CAD): I’m actually a huge fan of the shade of this highlighter stick! I feel like it would also last forever because it is huge! It provides a really nice glow to the skin that makes me feel super radiant! I feel like this highlighter stick blended really nicely into my skin as well and definitely gave me a luminous look I tend to go for. I tend to wear this stick when I’m going for my more ‘natural’ no-makeup makeup looks!

Joe Fresh 8 Hour Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner ($8 CAD): This liner comes in two colours – burgundy and navy. I received the burgundy shade and I actually quite like the look of this liner. I try and stay away from black liner sometimes as I feel it can make my eye look appear too dark, so this seems like a perfect alternative. This liner proves to be smudgeable yet also last for 8 hours.


Swatches from top to bottom:

  • Joe Fresh Highlighter Stick
  • Joe Fresh 8 Hour Waterproof Kohl Eye Liner in Burgundy
  • Joe Fresh Universal Brow Crayon
  • Joe Fresh Tinted Lip Balm in Blackberry


Joe Fresh Eye Shadow ($6 or 2 for $10 CAD): Ahh I love when companies give a good bargain! These shadows are $6 a pop as stated, but you can also double up and get two shadows for $10! Definitely worth it in my opinion. I wish they started selling these in pans though and had a magnetic palette to put them in, as I tend to go towards my palettes rather than individual eyeshadows — plus its harder to store!

Joe Fresh came out with five new shades that blend really nicely! I wonder if they changed the formula a bit because these are more silky than I remember their shadows previously being. You can check out my swatches below, which are done with no primer! πŸ™‚


Swatches from top to bottom:

  • Pretty Penny
  • Cinnamon
  • Champagne
  • Cacao
  • Meteor

I thought these shadows swatched incredibly well with no primer! I’m really impressed. The only thing is the shade Champagne doesn’t look that ‘champagne-y’ – it is a tad darker than most of my champagne shades in general, but nonetheless it is still a beautiful colour!

I think I’ll definitely be picking up some more Joe Fresh Beauty Products, specifically their shadows and possibly try to depot them!

Have you tried Joe Fresh Beauty before? If so, what do you think? Let me know what items I should try next!

Love always,

Jess xo.

10 thoughts on “|New Products, Swatches, & First Impressions| Joe Fresh Beauty

  1. stashy says:

    I picked up a Joe Fresh eyeliner marker and was quite surprised how much I like it. And only $8!
    The Tinted Lip Balm in Blackberry looks REALLY good – tinted lip balms are my vice.
    I’m sure they changed their eye shadow formula because these looks much better than the old Joe Fresh ones I’ve tried (very hit and miss). Now I “need” check these ones out! I’m especially liking Pretty Penny and Champagne! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for this – I’ve got a bunch of PC points that I can use for free makeup, hehehe!


  2. Face to Curls says:

    I’ve yet to try anything from this brand. I’ve been seeing them at Shopper’s Drug Mart but I didn’t show that much interest. The brow crayon sounds interesting but haven’t tried anything like that as yet; and the highlighter stick looks real pretty. xx

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com


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