|Comparison & Swatches – Dupes?| Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette vs. Beauty Creations Irresistible Eyeshadow Palette

Hi, hello beauties! 🙂

I hope you have all been well! Today I am going to be swatching and comparing two palettes that appear to be SO similar, it honestly looks like a down right copy from a first glance. But is it REALLY a true dupe? Keep reading and you’ll find out!


The Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette includes tones from neutral, mauve and berry tones according to the Anastasia Beverly Hill’s website. There are 14 amazing shades that can compliment any look from daytime to night. When this palette released, I remember Instagram went crazy for it — and to be honest, people still are! This palette is so unique and very trendy at the same time. The packaging is sleek and feels expensive. In Canada, this palette currently costs $55 from Sephora.ca and costs $42 in the United States from Anastasia Beverly Hill’s website.

It is a no brainer that not only is this palette gorgeous, but it also provides amazing blend-ability and pigmentation when used. It is noted there is quite a lot of kick up of powder from this palette but it does not translate on the eyes nor is there a lot of fallout.


The Beauty Creations Irresistible Palette appears to look like a copy of the Modern Renaissance Palette – from the shade of the outside of the palette to the shade names and colours themselves. My question mainly is “Is this even allowed?”. I would’ve thought brands would go after Beauty Creations as their website includes various other ‘dupes’ of popular eyeshadow palettes. Please click here for a direct link to their site!

The Beauty Creations Palette  differs significantly in price compared to the Anastasia palette and it kind of shows. The packaging is a bit more ‘cheesy’ so to speak and looks a bit cheap…but it is! The Beauty Creations palette costs a whooping $9.00 US, which is very affordable! This may be a good alternative for those on a budget but still want to try out shades and colours from the Modern Renaissance Palette. I got the Beauty Creations Palette from shophush.com , a site that sells various brands at an affordable price.


I am going to be comparing each shade from the Anastasia palette versus the Beauty Creations palette – ABH will stand for the shade by Anastasia Beverly Hills (Modern Renaissance Palette) and BC will stand for Beauty Creations (Irresistible palette). The name of the shade will be on each picture as both palettes have the exact same names haha!


Tempera: This beige shade is pretty identical when comparing the two palettes. If anything, I think ABH just has the tiniest tone of pink in there! Is it a dupe though? I’d say so!


Golden Ochre: This shade is described as an ‘earthy yellow’ which I totally agree with! Both of these shadows felt really smooth and similar to the touch. I think these are very similar, but the longer I stare at it, the more I think ABH is slightly darker.


Vermeer: ABH packs a punch just ever so slightly more than the Beauty Creations palette, but they are SO close it is hard to say. This light pink shade is probably one of my favourites in the Modern Renaissance palette to use on my lid. I found both applied evenly and smooth both as a swatch and on my lids.


Buon Fresco: This is my FAVOURITE shade in the entire Modern Renaissance palette. It is such a beautiful shade, I even have it as a single in my own magnetic palette. For some odd reason, ABH didn’t swatch excellent in comparison to Beauty Creations, but I found they both applied beautifully as a crease colour. Both also picked up quite a lot of powder.


Antique Bronze: Ohhh how I love this shade! Both of these shades swatched heavenly and also applied really nice as well! This is definitely a statement colour that looks amazing on the lids for a nighttime look.


Love Letter: OK, so these shades are very similar but I feel ABH has a bit more of a berry tone to it. I found that the Beauty Creations shade of Love Letter applied slightly more inconsistent when blending but when I worked at it for a little, it ended up looking great.


Cyprus Umber: I found the Beauty Creations shade to look a bit more chalky and also applied a bit less consistent. As you can see from the photo, the Beauty Creations shade did not apply super pigmented and there are patches that are lighter than the rest. I found ABH applied waaaay better and had no issues at all. I would say up to this point, both palettes are super comparable, but once you hit this shade, you notice a big difference in quality.


Raw Sienna: This shade is SO amazing!! ABH was a bit more pigmented than the Beauty Creations shade but overall I really love them both! This is a perfect crease colour or to just darken the outer corner! I find I use this shade a lot when I pick up both palettes!


Burnt Orange: I’m not sure what happened with the Beauty Creations swatch here haha but in general I think these shades are pretty similar! Again, I think ABH is a bit more bolder, vibrant and applied a tiny bit better both in swatch and in my crease. For the price of the palette though, the Beauty Creations shade in Burnt Orange did a pretty good job! 🙂


Primavera: So, so close. Like basically the same….but when I stare at the swatches ABH looks slightly brighter than Beauty Creations. When I put these on my lids though, they honestly looked exactly the same! I’m just knit picking at this point haha!


Red Ochre: I really love how the ABH shade blends to perfection! Beauty Creations was OK – it wasn’t bad by any means, I just felt that ABH blended a tad better overall! In terms of the colour though, I think both are pretty spot on and would definitely say this is a good dupe!


Venetian Red: These two shades are pretty different in my opinion. ABH has a more berry tone to this colour and the Beauty Creations is almost more of a brick red. If you built up the Beauty Creations shade, I wonder if it would be more similar to ABH, but I wouldn’t say this is an exact dupe.



Warm Taupe: These shades are a tad different – ABH is more darker whereas the Beauty Creations Warm Taupe is a bit more muted. I would say overall, both wore nicely and I had little to no issues with either shade when using it!




Realgar: This brick shade by ABH applied super smooth with one dip with my brush. Unfortunately, the Beauty Creations shade was a bit patchy once again. I find the shades are super close but in terms of the quality and wear, the Beauty Creations did not live up to ABH.


Party: The Modern Renaissance palette has 14 elegant shades whereas the Beauty Creations palette has 15. This shade is called Party, and its a very nice cool toned brown with a hint of sparkles in it. I really like this shade! It blends well, is pigmented and the shade is stunning. I like how there’s a shade that makes this palette a tiny bit different than the Modern Renaissance!


So…is it a dupe? Overall, I think the Beauty Creations Irresistible Palette can be a good alternative if you are on a budget. I would honestly recommend the Anastasia palette myself though, as it is just more consistent in terms of how they apply and wear. The Beauty Creations Palette did a good job of using the Modern Renaissance palette as inspiration, but I do wonder when it becomes plagiarism in a sense.

In my honest opinion, I find I will use the Anastasia palette way more and will probably put the Beauty Creations palette on the back burner, unless I hit pan on my Anastasia palette.

What do you think? Is this a good dupe?!

Let me know your thoughts down below!

Love always,

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.15.12 AM

13 thoughts on “|Comparison & Swatches – Dupes?| Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette vs. Beauty Creations Irresistible Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Chandra says:

    I bought the beauty creations one when I saw u got it on IG. The abh one is inaccessible to me here in Barbados, so far so good. Then again I don’t have anything to compare it to 🙈 but I’m satisfied with my purchase. Thanks again!


    • xxojess says:

      Oh no! I’m sorry its inaccessible to you. In that case, I’m sure the Beauty Creations palette comes in handy for you in a time like this! I hope you’re enjoying it! 🙂


  2. shireenplatt says:

    Other than the packaging, they didn’t try very hard to be different. LOL! I have yet to get my hands on Modern Renaissance but I won’t be purchasing BC because I’m not the biggest fan of copycats. I think that’s also the biggest reason why I’m so hesitant to try Make Up Revolution even though they are now available in London Drugs.


    • xxojess says:

      Thats very fair! I think when some brands literally copy another its a bit hard to give creative credit to them…..I guess its good for those who cannot get the ABH palette, but I’m surprised Beauty Creations hasn’t gotten in trouble!


  3. stashy says:

    Beauty Creations sounds like how Makeup Revolution copies other popular makeup items.
    I’m really impressed at how CLOSE the dupes are – wow. The addition of the shade “Party” is really nice too. Raw Sienna and Antique Bronze are so pretty!
    I’ve never heard of the Hush site and now I’m bookmarking it! 😛


  4. aliahabnerh says:

    You really did a good comparison! They’re both great! I agree if you’re in a budget i think you’d go for BC 🙂 I don’t own neither of this two palette. But all it’s beautiful! 😍❤️


  5. Face to Curls says:

    OMG, it’s amazing how literally all of the shades look the same or very similar. I won’t be getting this because honestly I prefer the real thing (not dupes) and I’m just not a fan of copycats. Great job with the comparison and really great post Jess! xo

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com


    • xxojess says:

      I agree! I prefer the real thing too. I guess it could work for those who don’t have access to ABH. Its a tricky one! Thanks for the love Ann-Marie! ❤


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