|Are you a NARSissist? Review & Swatches| NARS Loaded Eyeshadow Palette

Hi, hello! πŸ™‚

I hope you are all doing just wonderful today!

I know you are probably all shocked there is another post so soon *gasp*! I’m working on it lol!

Today I’m going to be talking about the Nars NARSissist Loaded Eyeshadow Palette, which is a 12 shade limited edition beauty! This can be purchased at Sephora for a whooping $74 CAD. Honestly, the price is so steep and I didn’t really realize how expensive it was as I just put it in my bag during the VIB Rouge sale and didn’t even think about it LOL!


I’m honestly so happy I bought it though because I’ve been using it non-stop. This is hands down one of my favourite items I’ve purchased from NARS!

It is a small palette and in terms of the bulkiness, I do prefer less, but overall the quality of the shadows are just really amazing! When I was in the store and I swatched the second row, I instantly just threw it into my Sephora bag!

So, lets get into some swatches shall we?


Row 1 – From top to bottom:Β 

  • Newbury Street:Β The first shade from the top is really nice as an inner corner highlight or even a bit on the brow bone. It is a light white shade with a hint of gold, but is very settle.
  • Windsor: Β This warm beige shade kind of reminds me of a Makeup Geek creme brulee….ah there is another shade I cannot think of on the spot haha. I love this shade as a transition or blending shade!
  • Privilege: I love how metallic this shade is on its own – no fix plus or anything! It is beautiful on the lid and I’ve been wearing it a lot with the second row of shades!
  • Dover: This matte brown shade blends like a dream. It has the perfect amount of warm but cool at the same time! I’ve been using this a lot on my crease!


Row 2 – Top to Bottom:

OKKKK can we all just take a moment and stare at these shades? Not only are the shades gorgeous but they literally glide like butter! They are super smooth, easy to blend and very pigmented. This row really grabbed my full attention! I’ve used all of these shades on a consistent basis since I’ve purchased it and I couldn’t be happier. I’d say the first three shades from the top are my absolute favourites!

  • Foix: I’ve been using this shade consistently in my crease and later going with a darker colour to amp up my look. I think this is one of my most used shades!
  • Castille: This dark brown shade is just perfection! I’ve been using this in my outer corner and to darken up the crease a bit. I’m in LOVE with this colour!
  • Ainwick: I’ve been using this shade along with Castille in the crease. It looks like a satin shade and it just applies beautifully. I really like using Castille all over my lid as well, and then going in with Ainwick in my crease to make a gorgeous brown makeup look!
  • Beaumaris: This shade has a settle shimmer to it, but it isn’t chunky whatsoever. Its super easy to use and blend together and provides the perfect amount of chocolate brown to the lid.


Row 3 – Top to Bottom:

You could make a great look just from this bottom row (I mean, I would have a lighter transition shade, highlight, etc…) but as an overall lid look, just this row alone is beautiful.

  • Splendor: This looks like a dull silver shimmer shade which I love! I enjoy this shade as it isn’t so in your face with silver but it is pigmented and bright enough to stand out.
  • Versailles: At first I wanted to say this shade looked like a rusty gold, but it truly is a stunning bronze shade. I don’t have many shades like this that wear this well, so I’m very pleasantly surprised!
  • Montaillou: This is the only shade that swatched a tiny bit patchy but it looked pretty nice on the eyes! This is a nice dark brown colour that can make any look turn very sultry!
  • Reale:Β The moment of truth for me comes when there is a matte black shade. SO many black shades appear streaky and uneven, so I knew as soon as I swatched the black shade that this was a great palette.


Overall, I’m completely obsessed with this palette! From the shades to the perfect pigmentation and blend-ability, it totally rocks my world!

So, tell me…are you a NARSissist? πŸ˜‰

Love always,

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.15.12 AM

8 thoughts on “|Are you a NARSissist? Review & Swatches| NARS Loaded Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Jennifer Matthews says:

    Girl this palette is gorgeous!!! Seriously just perfection, it has the most beautiful shades!! Ugh I love it, wish it wasn’t so expensive, cause it’s way out of my reach Lol but it is stunning!! As always I loved your review, you always give such great reviews you’re so thorough!! Hope you are doing well 😘😘


  2. Face to Curls says:

    This is such a gorgeous palette Jess. I was going to pick it up and even had it in my cart but at the last minute I decided not to take the plunge only because the last 4 shades are darker than I would have like them to be and I feel like I have makeup in my stash already that will give me the same or similar looks. I also didn’t need another eye palette, at least not right now..Haha
    Beautiful swatches Jess. xo

    Ann-Marie | http://facetocurls.com


    • xxojess says:

      Girl, the struggle is REAL. I want to not like this palette cuz its so expensive but I. Freaking. Love It. You need it! LOL (never come to me unless you are ready to spend money muaha – I am an enabler! )


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