|Review & Swatches| MAC Cosmetics Fruity Juicy Collection

Hi, hello! 🙂

I hope you have all been doing spectacular! I’ve been super swamped with work it feels like….Every two weeks I switch from days to nights so I find myself rather exhausted to do anything BUT I knew I needed to review and swatch the new MAC Cosmetics Fruity Juicy collection before it launches online on May 18!


I was fortunate enough to get invited to the Pre-Launch Party for the Fruity Juicy Collection and decided to bring along one of my best friends, Savannah along with me! There were men dressed up in fruit attire (definitely looked better than it sounds haha!), drinks, and the store was only accessible to those invited to the event.


I did not buy the entire collection but I did get a good amount to swatch and give my first impressions! There is an eyeshadow palette exclusive online when the collection launches, which is an item I plan to purchase this upcoming Thursday!


The packaging of this collection simply fabulous! I love all the tropical flowers and fruit displayed on the packaging, making it look vibrant and fun! I haven’t been totally crazy over any MAC collections recently, so its nice to go back to one of my favourite brands and get excited again :).


Prep + Prime Fix +  Coconut ($27 CAD): If you are a fan of coconut, I think you’ll love this Fix+ spray! I’m in love with the rose scented fix+ as that is my favourite scent, but the coconut one definitely gives a refreshing feel to my makeup! It isn’t too overpowering which is nice, and the packaging is beautiful!

126 Split Fibre Large Face Brush ($51 CAD): I really wanted an item from this collection that would last forever as a keepsake, so I thought a brush was the perfect fit. I’ve been using this split brush as a blush brush as its fairly large and isn’t very dense. This definitely isn’t a holy grail brush for me — I have many other brushes (and affordable ones, may I add) that work better than this one. For collection purposes, I’m happy with it, but I wouldn’t go stating this is a game changer.

(Left to right + top to bottom)

Shy Girl Lipstick ($21 CAD): Shy Girl is a Cremesheen formula and is very comfortable on the lips! I’d say this is a nice nude shade with a hint of a coral/orange tint. It has just the right amount of coral and beige balance that makes this shade completely wearable and still flattering! This shade is in MAC’s permanent range, but can be purchased in this collection for the packaging!

Calm Heat Lipstick ($21 CAD): This shade is described as a mid-tone nude and I would definitely agree, but also add there is a grey tint to the shade as well! I actually really love this shade. It is absolutely stunning and very ‘on trend’ in my opinion. This formula for this lipstick shade is matte, which again, is very ‘in’ right now. Although it is matte, it is still comfortable on the lips.

Fruit A La La Eyeshadow Palette ($42 CAD): This palette was on my list to pick up along with Oh My Banana (which is exclusive online). I picked this palette up first and I’m happy I did – the shades are vibrant, which I was scared I wouldn’t really use them, but to my surprise they did show up a tad lighter and once it blended out, it created a really stunning look!


(Top to bottom) 

  • Glamour Light (Satin)
  • Soleil, So Lovely (Matte)
  • Arriba (Frost) — this shade is GORGEOUS!
  • Carnal Cham (Matte)
  • Fuchsia Fury (Satin) — this shade swatched a bit patchy but it did blend out nicely!
  • Cocktail Black (Satin)

Baiana Bronze Bronzing Powder ($32 CAD): This limited edition shade is stunning! I really enjoy this shade to contour with and I’ve been using it for a few days now! I love the packaging and also love how this shade does not have an orange tint to it!

Oh My, Passion! Pearlmatte Face Powder ($38 CAD): This face powder is STUNNING! Not only does it just look beautiful, but when you mix all the shades together it provides a perfect sheen of blush! (Photo above). I was cringing at mixing all these shades together but I’m so glad I did because it truly creates a beautiful shade.


Thank you SO much for reading!

What’s on your list for May 18?

Love always,

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.15.12 AM

14 thoughts on “|Review & Swatches| MAC Cosmetics Fruity Juicy Collection

  1. Chandra says:

    i’m looking forward to trying the coconut scented fix+…so i hope it is offered here in Barbados. The other items r meh but i understand what u mean by getting an item that will “last”. I may pick up the matte, nude lippie to add the pretty packaging to the others i own


  2. stashy says:

    The packaging of this collection is so lovely! I like it when the MAC limited edition packaging are actually special instead of plain. I want to get that Fix+ just for the bottle design!
    Shy Girl Lipstick looks really nice and wearable – and again, that packaging!
    Oooh that Pearlmatte Face Powder… I’d cringe at the thought of messing up the design but I suppose that’s what makeup is for – to be used!


    • xxojess says:

      I loooove limited edition packaging…definitely hits a soft spot haha!
      The face powder is gorgeous! It was truly painful to swirl it around but hey, sacrifices need to be made for the blog sometimes lol!


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