|Is It Worth It? Let Me Work It!| Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

Hi, hello! 🙂

I hope you have all been well! I’m here yet again, on another night shift, attempting to stay awake. One thing keeping me awake is the fact that the new Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette is literally on fire! I feel like this release came out of nowhere, and UD did a good job at keeping this palette a lil’ secret until the time was ready for it to be announced.


This palette includes 12 new shades all with a warm tone to them! Warm tones have been really in lately, so I’m not surprised Urban Decay jumped on the bandwagon as well. I’ve heard some various opinions on this palette but really wanted to see for myself how I liked it, as everyone’s thoughts differ!


In terms of the packaging, it comes in the same sturdy and thick almost metal container like the other Naked palettes. I’m personally not the biggest fan of this packaging only because I find it super bulky and heavy. The palette also comes with a dual-ended brush like many of the others do, and I quite like these brushes! I don’t always reach for them, but I used this brush when I tried the palette out and I was pleasantly surprised.


From Left to Right:

  • Ounce: A really good brow highlight! I like this to lighten up my brow bone and the inner corner a bit, as well as provide an overall base to my lid.
  • Chaser: This light nude shade is perfect as a transition shade and when I tried out this look, I started by putting this in my crease and it gave just the right amount of warmness to my look to begin! I can see this really being a staple shade being used every time I reach for the palette.
  • Sauced: This shade is described as terra-cotta, which I totally agree. It is the perfect brown shade that defines the crease just enough to make a natural eye look!
  • Low Blow: This shade really helps define an outer-v, and is a beautiful pure brown shade for the crease as well. This shade really darkened my look in a good way! I’m a huge fan of this shade!
  • Lumbre: Oh my goodness, this shade is BEAUTIFUL! It has almost a duo-chrome orange/gold in there, which I absolutely love. I would recommend using some fix plus with this shade to really make it pop! I was a bit underwhelmed when I used this on its own, but with fix plus it gave me that gold shift I needed!
  • He Devil: This shade is an brown/red matte that is an essential to this palette. I think this really warms up any eye look and is for sure a favourite of mine! I was really excited to try this shade and found it blended reeeeally nicely! 🙂


From Top to Bottom:

  • Ounce
  • Chaser
  • Sauced
  • Low Blow
  • Lumbre
  • He Devil


From Left to Right:

  • Dirty Talk: This shade looks similar to He Devil, except it has a metallic finish. This would be a really amazing lid colour with some fix plus. I was happy with this shade the way it applied on its own though, and was pleasantly surprised with how pigmented it turned out to be on the lid!
  • Scorched: I think this is another one of my favourite shades. When looking at the palette initially, I thought it was kind of similar to Dirty Talk, but it for sure has some more of a gold reflect to it. This looked absolutely stunning on the lid even without any fix plus, so this is for sure a stand out shade in my opinion!
  • Cayenne: This darker terra-cotta brown is such a perfect shade. I think anyone can totally pull this colour off. It looks great in the crease, outer corner, or even the lid! This is for sure a staple in the palette.
  • En Fuego: The first colour that comes to mind when I see this shade is a beautiful burgundy. This really helped deepen my look when I used it in the outer corner. It also blended beautifully!
  • Ashes: This dark brown shade has a hint of red, and unfortunately I wasn’t too blown away by this shade. Out of all of them, this just did not have the same pigmentation and I found it the slightest bit dry. The shade is truly beautiful though.
  • Ember: You can’t have a warm toned palette without a copper shade! This is a gorgeous metallic copper that is an essential to any palette, lets be real. I think the copper totally compliments the tones in this palette! It was a bit darker than I expected to be honest with you – but it swatched and applied really nicely!


From Top to Bottom:

  • Dirty Talk
  • Scorched
  • Cayenne
  • En Fuego
  • Ashes
  • Ember


So…is it worth it? Well, I definitely worked this palette and I’d definitely say its a winner! I thought the pigmentation was good, the tones were beautiful and they truly overall did apply beautifully on the eyes. I think Urban Decay really did good with this one!

What do you think? Have you, or will you pick this palette up?

Let me know down below!

Love always,

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.15.12 AM

7 thoughts on “|Is It Worth It? Let Me Work It!| Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

  1. stashy says:

    I think I probably own all of these colours somewhere in my collection but it is nice to have them all in one place. My problem is that I can’t wear too warm colours or else I look sickly! I’ve watched a few videos reviewing this palette and the one shade I want from it is “Ember”. It’s so stunning!


  2. Anne | Beautybyadutchgirl says:

    I really like the color of this palette but I have a colder skintone, so warmer colors like these will not look good on me (booh). But if it would, I’d definitely picked this palette up. I love the packaging and the colors look so amazing and unique! xo


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