|Spring/Summer Releases – Review and Swatches| Hard Candy

Hi, hello!

I hope you have all been doing well. To update y’all, my funk has been continuing and unfortunately my mental health isn’t the greatest right now. To be honest, its even hard to get out of bed and type up this review. There’s quite a bit of life changes going on in my life, and hopefully it all turns out for the better.

Today I am sharing some of Hard Candy’s new spring/summer releases through my own opinions and swatches! I’m suuuper excited to share these products with you as most of them were hits for me! I’ve been really into new releases at the drugstore recently – why pay so much for product that is accessible and works just as good?!


Hard Candy is becoming one of my favourite drugstore brands due to their innovations when it comes to their products – I feel like they are pretty original, or take their own spin on products already existing. Their packaging is always pretty neat as well!

Stroke of Gorgeous Kajal Supreme Eyeliner Duo ($7.98 CAD): I love the idea of having two liners in one! I personally like my liquid eyeliner to have a bit more of a thin tip, but I thought it worked well nonetheless. I don’t often use kajal liners anymore but I like that the option is there. I also agree with the smudge proof claim but I do wish this was also waterproof as I tend to tear up during the day a lot and look for something with staying power.

Sheer Envy Prismatic Highlighter Rainbow Pearl Powder ($7.98 CAD): When I saw this highlighter, I was SO excited mainly because I love highlighters but I also love ones that have this pearl iridescence to them! This highlight has flecks of purple, white, and a tad bit of pink in there. I find it a touch powdery when swatched but I do really enjoy this on my cheekbones. I don’t see these kinds of highlighters often in the drugstore world, so its super nice to have that option.


Sheer Envy Colour Correct Perfecting Powder ($7.98 CAD): OK, can we just take a moment and admire the design of this powder?! I love how the colours intertwine into one another! This product is meant to act as a sheer powder to set the face, but at the same time colour correct any problem areas one may have. I find my skin is a bit dull, but otherwise I don’t have many specific ‘problem’ areas. I didn’t find that this powder was my favourite in comparison to my Hourglass one for example, but it did set my face fairly well!

Look Pro! Metal Eyes ($9.98 CAD): I really like the idea of this set – so it comes with a pencil liner along with four baked shadows, a brush and a mixing liquid to make the shadows really come to life. You can apply the shadows as they are, but using the mixing liquid definitely makes the shades pop! The swatches to the right were used with the mixing liquid. I really like this idea as many use a type of mixing liquid (example- Mac Fix +), but this is a much more affordable option as it comes with the shadows AND the mixing liquid. It also comes with a little canister to mix the liquid and shadow, which I think is useful! This is for sure a thumbs up for me! I hope they come out with more shades 🙂


Fast & Fabulous Translucent Loose Powder ($6.98 CAD): I don’t bake too often, but I’m REALLY stoked to bake with this bad boy! I haven’t tried this one yet, just because I haven’t really baked in a while but it is supposed to work for all skin types and provide a soft matte finish. I’m super down for that! 🙂

Sheer Envy Colour Correct Cushion Wonder in Yellow ($6.98 CAD): Yellow from my understanding is mainly used to combat dullness. I put this a bit under my eyes as I find that area is just really dull looking on me. When applying, I definitely appreciate the soft cushion tip as it glided really easily on my face. I definitely needed to put a concealer that was my shade (or a tad lighter) over this in my under eye area but it did help brighten my under eye for sure! I don’t tend to colour correct in general, but it may be something I will look into in the future.

Lip Artiste Contouring Wand – Nude to Brown ($7.98 CAD): I LOVE THIS! It’s soooo pretty. The liner is a perfect brown/nude shade and the topper just perfectly highlights your lips. Toppers are kind of the ‘in’ thing right now and I think Hard Candy nailed it with this one. I think initially, it is easy for this to be missed on the radar but once you use it, I promise its worth it! I thought the topper also had really good staying power and made my lips look more plump! It kind of reminds me of all these new toppers like Jouer! I definitely want to try more shades of these, as they come in multiple colours! 🙂

Wet Ever Bold Hold Lip Lacquer ($7.98 CAD): I’m a huuuuge fan of Hard Candy lip products and this one is no exception. I love their matte liquid lipsticks and metal ones in particular, but these lacquers have this certain hold where it doesn’t go everywhere yet the colour is bold and stays in place. I don’t find it sticky and its also pretty long lasting and hydrating, despite it being basically like a gloss. I’m so in love with this formula – its a huge win in my books and I can’t wait to purchase the other shades!


Overall, I’m super impressed with what Hard Candy is coming out with! The stand out products for me would have to be the lip liner/topper duo along with the Wet Ever lacquer!

What’s your favourite Hard Candy product? Which one of these will you give a go?

Love always,

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.15.12 AM


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