|Is It Worth It? Let Me Work It!| Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

Hi, hello loves! I hope you have been well. I start a new job on Monday which I’m both excited but very nervous for!

I recently got my hands on my new Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette and I’m stoked to share my thoughts on it with you and decide if it truly is worth it or not. There has been so much talk about this palette as Jaclyn had been working on this palette for so long with Linda, who is the creator of Morphe.


This palette was custom made by Jaclyn Hill and includes 35 brand new shades. Jaclyn told the beauty world that these shadows are also a brand new formula that she made Morphe make to perfect these shadows. There is a lot of warm and cool tones to this palette, making it super versatile. There’s shades for everyone in this palette to those who like a settle look to those who want a bold appearance!

In terms of the packaging, it comes in a silver magnetic large palette. I unfortunately did not get a slip with the shade names in the box, which I believe is supposed to come with the palette. I would’ve liked it, but in the end I probably would’ve just thrown the paper out haha. I do wish the shade names were on the palette though, as Jaclyn had specific meanings for a lot of the names.


Row 1 (from top to bottom – left to right from the palette) 

  • Enlight – A really nice light shade for the brow bone. This applied SO nicely on my brow bone and really made my look pop!
  • Beam – A brighter version of Enlight, but is suuuper nice for the inner corners of the eyes! Definitely made them beam 😉
  • Silk Creme – Described as a perfect transition colour, which I definitely agree with! I like to use this in my crease as a first shade and then go deeper with other shades in the palette.
  • M.F.E.O. – This cool toned shade is also really nice paired with Silk Creme. I often use both of these in the crease.
  • Faint – SOOO PRETTY and pigmented! One of my fave shades in the palette for sure. Put this all over your lid and damn you’re good to go.
  • Sissy – Kind of reminds me of expensive pink by MAC? I think this is a very dupe-able shade, but nonetheless, its gorgeous!
  • Little Lady – A nice pink/gold shade. Doesn’t stand out too much in my opinion, but would definitely make a nice natural eye.


Row 2 (from top to bottom – left to right from the palette) 

  • Creamsicle – I LOVE THIS SHADE! It looks so blah and kind of gross but these are the types of colours I love blending into my crease haha! I knew there had to be a shade like this in Jaclyn’s palette as she also loves these types of shades.
  • Butter – Jaclyn described this shade as having a teracotta undertone which I agree with. It is so nice to use in the crease and I often find myself using this shade.
  • Pooter – This is a neutral brown shade that can work for any look! It blended out really nicely and had good pigmentation – a basic shade!
  • Pukey – As the shade is named, this is a puke toned warm brown shade. This is also another shade I gravitate towards!
  • Hunts – This shade is goooorgeous. I remember Jaclyn saying she didn’t want this shade in the palette but then caved – and I’m so glad she did! It definitely makes the palette and its so pigmented, its unreal!
  • Firework – Mmmmm I love this warm toned shade and it looks magnificent on the lid!! One of my fave shades for sure! Really packs a punch.
  • Queen – Such a pigmented and wearable gold! Love it so much. I don’t wear gold too often on my eyes, but when I do I’ll be reaching for this one.


Row 3 (from top to bottom – left to right from the palette) 

  • Obsessed – OK, I am literally obsessed with this shade. Whenever I use this palette I always, always gravitate towards this shade to put all over my lid. It is a beautiful shimmery champagne shade that is just perfect.
  • S.B.N. – This bronze shade would be perfect for a dramatic look if this was all over the lid and then go in with a darker crease colour. I don’t typically go for that kind of look, but it definitely would be pretty!
  • Hillster – A reeeally dark shimmer shade. Super pretty, but also a tad intimidating to me as I don’t think my comfort level to put this all over my lid is there yet hehe..
  • Roxanne – My perfect outer crease shade! Definitely darkens the look but it is literally perfect.
  • Jacz – Dark burgundy shade with a crap load of pigment! Super, super pigmented as you can see from the swatch!!
  • Buns – I love this name! I also really love this colour. I go back and forth using this shade in my crease – love it.
  • Cranapple – This shade reminds me of the Naked Heat palette a bit. Super warm toned and super beautiful on the lid! Totally on trend right now!


Row 4 (from top to bottom – left to right from the palette) 

  • Royalty – Really pretty purple shade – so pigmented!
  • Twerk – Everything I wanted the Kylie Royal Peach blue shade to be (but wasn’t). This just beats all blues.
  • Hustle – The rest of this row including this shade reminds me of the Naked 2 Palette. This is a gunmetal shade that is super pigmented and looks freakin’ awesome on the eyes. I feel bad ass when I wear it haha.
  • Meeks – I freaking love this shade! Love the bronzey hint of gold and I love how bright it is, yet isn’t? I don’t know how to describe it, but its cool.
  • 24/7 – This shade was just ok for me? I didn’t apply it as directed though so that could totally be my own fault. Jaclyn said to use this with your finger but I haven’t attempted that yet.
  • Chip – This shade was pigmented but unfortunately a tad patchy for me. It is also suuuper dark and a bit out of my comfort zone.
  • Mocha – The name says enough – it is a mocha shade that is really nice and blendable!


Row 5 (from top to bottom – left to right from the palette) 

  • Pool Party – This turquoise shade is super bright and totally makes an impact. I haven’t used this shade yet but it looks beautiful.
  • Jada – Haven’t used this colour either but it is honestly such a beautiful green! I really want to use this for a look as I think it would look amazing with brown eyes.
  • Diva – The perfect shimmery green shade. Looks sooo nice and is super pigmented!
  • Enchanted – This shade with Diva would look so bomb! Kk I’m doing it haha
  • Central Park – A cool matte brown – unfortunately this shade was pretty patchy in my opinion 😦
  • Soda Pop – A tad patchy as well – a super dark, almost black shade.
  • Abyss – Very black shade! Pigmented, but a tad patchy. I think you could make it work though.


So, I think by reading my thoughts on individual shades it is obvious I do enjoy the palette. I feel like I don’t even need another palette again because its so diverse! Who am I kidding though, I already have other palettes in the mail coming for me haha.

I do honestly like this palette – it isn’t my holy grail palette by any means though. I also found the price to be really steep..the price for the palette itself is fine, but once international shipping to Canada kicked in which was about $24 US, it ended up converting to basically $80 Canadian for this palette. I just don’t know if it is worth that price tag, especially just for a shipping cost!

So..is it worth it? It depends where you live –  if you are in the US, I say do it up! But if you are international like me, I would say this palette truly is nice, but it isn’t a must have. Its cringe worthy to say that about something Jaclyn Hill made as I really am a huge fan of her, but the price is just really too steep to be worth it!


I also found Jaclyn Hill’s favourites palette with Morphe (which I rarely use anymore but I should start using it…) and they are quite different which is nice.

So, what are your thoughts? Is it worth it? Will you work it?!

Love always,

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.15.12 AM

7 thoughts on “|Is It Worth It? Let Me Work It!| Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette

  1. KATE WINFORD says:

    I was impressed with this palette but I cannot believe how expensive it is in Canada!! I also did not receive the shade names (but then they randomly mailed them to me!) I’m not sure why they did not just include the names on the palette. BUT, I love the color selection and think that Jaclyn did a great job!

    Kate | katelovesmakeup.com


  2. Haydexita says:

    I really like the range of shades. Unfortunately I’m an International buyer so i think the price with the shipping rates are the reason why I’m not buying it.


  3. Abby says:

    The whole Morphe controversy with all the influencers pushing codes constantly has just made me not even want to put my money into this company. 👎🏼


  4. carolynnnaaa says:

    I think the palette is pretty good, but as I’m International too I won’t buy this, it will cost too much and I don’t need this palette in my life as I have similar shades in my collection, and also I’m not the biggest fan of Jaclyn.
    Loved reading your review as always 🙂



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