|Is It Worth It? Let Me Work It!| Sephora Pro Warm Palette

Hi, hello – I hope you are all well ❤

I’ve hit sort of a slump in my life. I’m taking a break from everything I guess you can say. I’ve actually been considering starting a YouTube channel, so please tell me if you think thats a good idea or something that you would like/not like to see!

There’s been quite a lot of talk around the new Sephora Pro palettes that have released, in particular around the warm palette as people believe it is a dupe for the Natasha Denona Sunset Palette.


The palette costs a pretty hefty $85 CAD from Sephora (obviously) which is reeeeallly, really expensive for makeup coming from the Sephora Collection in my opinion. I find I kind of avoid the Sephora Collection makeup in general, but for some reason these palettes have created quite the stir, which I suppose is good for the brand. I’d say there’s definitely similar shades to the Natasha Denona Sunset Palette, which you can see my review here.

This palette consists of 28 warm shades that look honestly stunning in my opinion. The palette is also SUPER heavy – which makes it very non-travel friendly. It has a big compact mirror that I enjoy, but I really don’t see why the palette has to be so heavy. Like damn, its like lifting mini weights lol!

In terms of pigmentation, some are highly pigmented whereas some I was left disappointed. One thing I will say about this palette is that it isn’t very consistent. If I’m comparing it with Natasha’s palette, hers is consistent throughout and you know what you’re getting.


I found all the shadows I personally used in this palette blended really nicely – I haven’t used every shade, but I have used a fair amount and found that most blended well and I could create multiple stunning looks with this palette.

One particular fall back to this palette is that there is A LOT of kick up when it comes to dipping your brush in these shadows. Not a lot of it translates and falls when applying which is the important part, but these shadows remind me a lot of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, as it also kicks up a ton of product in the palette.

The palette comes with an insert of names which is nice I guess, but I would assume most of us would just throw it out as that is exactly what I did haha.


Row 1 (from top to bottom):

  • Canvas – A great brow bone shade that stands out. I found this shade to be highly pigmented and packed a punch.
  • Oat – A more neutral, skin-tone shade that matched my lid fairly well. I used this all over my lid as a base and it worked perfectly!
  • Biscotti – A perfect nude transition shade. I use this shade almost every time I use this palette and it blends really beautifully.
  • Camel – A borderline pukey shade that also blends really nicely and goes well with Biscotti.
  • Ochre – That perfect pukey yellow shade. I’d say most people would think this is similar to Natasha Denona’s Sunset Palette yellow shade, but I think hers is definitely more yellow and this one has a bit more brown to it.
  • Saddle – A warm tone brown for the crease – really nice, your basic brown shade really!
  • Auburn – I really love this shade in the crease as well – its definitely more of a warmer brown, and really warms up my eye look when I use this!


Row 2 (from top to bottom):

  • Sand – I LOVE this shade on the lid or in the inner corner of my eye. Such a stunning metallic white shade with hints of yellow/gold.
  • Brass – DAMN this shade is pigmented. Wow. I personally haven’t used this shade yet, but I’m kinda wondering why I haven’t as its reeeally stunning!!!
  • Clay – A gorgeous warm caramel shade. I looove using this in my crease for a simple look, or even all over the lid.
  • Copper – This looks gold with small flecks of pink – it is a gorgeous shade, but one I haven’t used yet.
  • Bronze – A rusty gold, one of my favourite and classic shades in this palette.
  • Adobe – This one didn’t swatch so great unfortunately, and looked a tiny bit patchy when applying. It wasn’t horrible, but its just something to note in the palette.
  • Sandstone – An orange/brown shade that looks a bit chalky in my opinion. I wasn’t too impressed with this shade 😦


Row 3 (from top to bottom):

  • Hazelnut – A nice transition shade for sure! This has an edge of coolness to it, which I enjoy.
  • Khaki – Literally the perfect khaki colour!! I freaking loooove this shade! It looks stunning on the lids!
  • Peach – This shade was SO disappointing to me. I swatched it and was ready to be impressed with the pigmentation but it lacked sooo hard. I wanted BAM but instead it made me sad 😦
  • Brick – Mmmm yessssss! I use Brick all the time on my lid and it is sooo beautiful! Even on its own, its gorgeous- but add a bit of fix plus and daaamn
  • Terracotta – Enough said! Terracotta it is indeed!!
  • Burnt Umber – Eh eh ….. this shade didn’t impress me much. It was a tad patchy.
  • Chestnut – I want to love this shade because it looks so beautiful in the pan…but I did also find this a bit patchy when swatching. I’m sorry!! lol! (I don’t know why I’m apologizing but I feel like I need to)


Row 4 (from top to bottom):

  • Brown Sugar – I ain’t mad at this shade but I’m not totally pleased either. It has a bit too much sparkle in it almost?
  • Caramel – Not what I was expecting ‘Caramel’ to look like, it is much darker. This shade blended OK – not like a dream, but it wasn’t horrible.
  • Sepia – A reeeally nice milk chocolate shade that performed well in my opinion
  • Coconut Shell – A pretty bronze shade that is pretty standard in almost every palette lets be honest lol
  • Cocoa – This shade was OK….just OK. OK?
  • Cedar – Its like this shade wanted to work but it just didn’t….just no….NO.
  • Obsidian – A matte black, standard in most palettes. I found the black to be pretty pigmented, no complaints.


So…is this palette worth it? I think it certainly is a nice palette, especially coming from the Sephora Collection BUT I don’t think you need it. I think it is an ALTERNATIVE to other warm toned palettes, but there’s sooooo many warm toned palettes to choose from nowadays that you don’t have to sacrifice certain shades to be bomb and some be dull.

I honestly find the ColourPop Yes Please! eyeshadow palette is SO much better and is so cheap. Their restock for this palette is actually on July 27 at 10 am PST,/1pm EST so I would definitely try grabbing that if you haven’t checked it out already.

Overall, I personally LIKE this palette but it isn’t a *must have* palette. I hope this helps!

Are you thinking of getting one of the Sephora Pro Palettes? Share your thoughts below! ❤

Love always,

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.15.12 AM

9 thoughts on “|Is It Worth It? Let Me Work It!| Sephora Pro Warm Palette

  1. Jose Kessler says:

    Yes please please please start a you tube chanel :). Sorry to hear about your slump, I’m going through something similar and have not been feeling myself lately either. Thanks for the review, I think I will not be purchasing the palette. I too thought it was $ for the sephora brand.


    • xxojess says:

      Hi Jose! Thanks so much for your comment – you’ll be the first to know once I build up the courage to start a YouTube channel haha! ❤ I'm always here if you want to talk!


    • xxojess says:

      Totally valid! I am considering taking it back just because I don’t reach for it too often now. And yay! Thanks for the input. I’ll let you know if I ever get the courage to start one haha!


  2. carolynnnaaa says:

    Oh too bad it wasn’t as I was expecting, I might not buy it after seeing your review 😦



  3. LJORahilly says:

    I will be a subbie on your YouTube for sure! I started my YouTube Journey in January this year. Its so rewarding! I’m not on it for the followers or attention, just as a creative outlet and I love it. I aim for one video a week as I work full time. This palette looks stunning. I like that it sounds heavy..! Going to sephora to swatch 🙂


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