|Review & Swatches| ToN Cosmetics

Hi, hello – I hope you’ve all been doing well. I myself haven’t been doing the best lately, but that isn’t anything too new.

Today I’m going to be sharing a new brand with you called ToN Cosmetics, a Canadian brand run by two sisters from Montreal!


I love that this brand is Canadian, as I really believe in supporting homemade products. What I also love is what ToN Cosmetics goal is, which is to give beauty lovers their perfect lipstick match based on their skin tone. They have three categories of lipsticks which range from Fair, Medium and Dark but within those categories, they have these subcategories to find your perfect match. For example, within each category they have a shade for cool, neutral and warm skin tones!


The packaging of these lipsticks is gorgeous! I love the diamond decoration they have at the top of the tubes – it definitely makes it more elegant! I also love that it is white, as I feel I don’t have a lot of white lipstick tubes in my collection, making it stand out among the rest.

ToN Cosmetics also has an online test which generates your perfect match – I took the test and it turns out Fair Warm 1 is my perfect shade! You can take the test here to find out what colour best suits you!

In terms of pricing, I think they are decent – they aren’t cheap but it isn’t expensive either. They retail for $19 CDN ($15.50 US) which I think is fair, especially if you are realistically only getting one shade to match you perfectly.

From left to right/rom top to bottom: Fair Cool 1, Fair Neutral 1, Fair Warm 1

My favourite out of these is definitely Fair Cool 1 and Fair Warm 1. Fair Warm 1 was what I matched with online and I for sure think it matches well with my skin tone and complexion.

From left to right/rom top to bottom: Medium Cool 1, Medium Neutral 1, Medium Warm 1

I personally enjoy all of these shades! They all have a nice rosey hue that I like. This formula is also super moisturizing and creamy, making these glide on like butter!

From left to right/rom top to bottom: Dark Cool 1, Dark Neutral 1, Dark Warm 1

These shades are definitely darker and the neutral is probably my least favourite one. I would love to see these on a darker complexion though as I feel it would look spectacular!


Overall, I love the formula of these lipsticks. They are moisturizing, creamy and the colour range is super nice. I like that this brand is trying to find out perfect shade based on our skin tones and under tones, as I have always wanted to find my ‘perfect shade’. I think makeup is something we can experiment with as well though, and this is a perfect addition to a collection or for someone who doesn’t wear makeup often and just wants their go-to shade. I don’t think this is the only option for people who love lipstick – I think makeup is super fun and something we can have fun with! I definitely love this idea though and can see it working for a lot of people.

I personally love the formula and will continue wearing multiple colours in this range, including my perfect shade!

What do you think – are you going to find your perfect shade?!

Love always,

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.15.12 AM


14 thoughts on “|Review & Swatches| ToN Cosmetics

  1. carolynnnaaa says:

    Awesome review! Never heard of the brand before, so it was nice to know 🙂
    The colors are really beautiful!



  2. LJORahilly says:

    I LOVE learning about new brands, thank you for sharing! Their approach and number is particularly interesting, they have given themselves a lot of work- but makes sense and will make online purchasing super easy 🙂


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