|Is It Worth It? Let Me Work It!| Moschino X Sephora Bear Eyeshadow Palette

Hi, hello!
I hope you have all been well! The same old is going on with me aha, I live a fairly boring life to be honest.


Today I’m going to be talking about the highly anticipated Moschino X Sephora collection, specifically the Bear Eyeshadow Palette. Now let me tell you…getting this eyeshadow palette was a damn struggle. I was up all night when it was launching waiting for it to come out and of course it sold out the half hour I fell asleep *sigh. The next morning I waited outside my local Sephora where I had to push a guy out of my way to get one AH. I feel bad but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do…the makeup addiction is real! 😛


The Bear Eyeshadow Palette comes in the shape of a large gold bear that is actually pretty lightweight. When you open the packaging, there is a large mirror along with the shadows on the other side. You can also remove the shadows once you are done with the palette so you can keep the bear which I think is an awesome idea!


Unfortunately the palette seems to be off the Sephora site right now, but I hope they restock it either in stores or online as so many people couldn’t get their hands on it. In terms of the price, I paid $60 CAD for this bad boy which actually isn’t bad considering thats the price of some other palettes I own in my collection and you do get a variety of shadows.


There are 21 shades in this palette that range from mattes, shimmers and satin formulas and also include warm shades to cool. I found the formula to be a bit inconsistent to be honest — some of the mattes applied beautifully but others were a bit patchy when swatching.


All of the above swatches all applied effortlessly both on my arm and on my eyes. I love the warm tone shades this palette has as warm tones are definitely in right now. All of these shadows applied super pigmented and blended seamlessly. This row of swatches are probably my favourite shades in the palette and the ones I will use the most!


The shimmers are probably my favourite in this palette as they are more pigmented and BAM than the rest based on my experience. Most of these mattes above worked well, except for Magic which was super patchy and really needed to be built up to look like a dark black shade both as a swatch and on the eyes. This was probably one of the most disappointing shades due to lack of pigment and the patchiness. On a positive note, the shade Palace is absolutely gorgeous especially with a little bit of Fix Plus by MAC spritzed on a brush…daaaamn.


Can we take a moment and just appreciate these shades? They are stunning, especially for A*T*TUDE. Twilight Blue applied okay, but not the best – I’ve definitely worked with better shadows. Barely Bare is the perfect crease shade, oh my goodness I am so in love with it.


Overall, I love how the Bear Palette has a mix of everything in it from warm tones to cool. I really love this palette as a statement piece to my collection as a makeup collector but I don’t think this is a must have palette for those who use makeup minimally. This is a great collectors piece, but isn’t the most user friendly item as it is in a giant bear, making it hard to travel with for sure. This is definitely a palette that kind of just sits and looks pretty, collecting dust as time goes on as other makeup releases haha.

Long story short: is it worth it? If you are a makeup lover or Moschino lover…perhaps! I’m personally glad I got it, but the palette is a tad inconsistent for me to say it is a must have for everyone.

Thank you for reading, and let me know if you got your hands on this lil’ bear!

Love always,

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.15.12 AM

11 thoughts on “|Is It Worth It? Let Me Work It!| Moschino X Sephora Bear Eyeshadow Palette

    • Makeup & Beauty Blog says:

      these swatches are so beautiful! didnt think it would be that great, but its super pigmented. i seriously just wanted to buy this cus it was so cute and would look nice on my makeup table haha 🙂


  1. shireenplatt says:

    I wasn’t interested in this palette at all mainly because I know Sephora can be really inconsistent with the quality their eyeshadows in a palette. Your review just proved my point, thank you for the honest review, Jess.

    ps: I would have totally push someone out of my way too if I want to get my hands on something, like bugger off dude! HAHA!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity


  2. Carolina says:

    I think this collection is for who likes to collect makeup or is a Moschino fan. I think the prices are to high, althought this palette is gorgeous and the quality seems to be there, it’s so bulky and it’s hard to pull it off to use it every single day. But love your review!

    Carolina’s Makeup Life


  3. stashy says:

    The packaging is absolutely TDF!!! Wow, I can see people buying it as a collector item.
    You were so committed to wait outside Sephora and shove a guy out of your way to get it! 😛
    Your swatches look great! I guess it’s really challenging for all the formulas to be consistently good across the board – mattes are always difficult.


  4. laleelovesbeauty says:

    I love this post thank you for the beautiful swatches. I went through so much to get this palette also!!! haha even paid a little more to get it but like you said a girls gotta do what she’s gotta do.


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