|First Impressions| Hard Candy – Holiday Edition

Hi, hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. The holiday season is approaching — have you started your holiday shopping yet? I have, and its kind of nice that I started a bit early this year but I am nowhere near done.


Today I have some exciting items from Hard Candy to share with you featuring their holiday collection – the perfect gifts for beauty lovers in my opinion! I’ll be sharing my thoughts as to what I think is worth it and what should maybe be passed.

Right off the bat, I have to say that many of these items are extremely affordable, making great stocking stuffers for gifts this season! Hard Candy has come out with so many items for the holidays, its hard to pass up.


One of their larger releases is the Best of Kit that retails for $19.97 CAD (this is the most expensive item I received to review, so very affordable!) Inside this kit, there is a setting spray, mascara, velvet mousse, liquid eyeshadow, beauty sponge, eye primer, face primer, kohl liner and sharpener, eyeshadow palette, a baked blush trio, a baked bronzer and their widely known Glamoflauge concealer.

With this kit, and as a review entirely– I do wish that the items had names and shades to them. No where on any of the items could I find a shade…everything just says either “Baked Blush Trio” or “Eyeshadow Palette” but doesn’t have a name. That is one thing I would change personally throughout this entire launch of items I received. Although this is the best of kit, I assume these items are regular in their line, so there is no reason why the names could not be mentioned so we could purchase full sized if we ended up liking certain items..


Pictured above is the Baked Blush Trio at the top, the Baked Bronzer in the middle, and then the Glamoflauge concealer. The blush applies beautifully and the bronzer swatched more like a highlight in my opinion but nonetheless, very beautiful. There was no shade for the concealer so you’d really have to take a guess–and this would not be a match for everyone by any means, so thats a bit disappointing.


The Velvet Mousse also did not come with a name, but wore and swatched beautifully (swatch to the left). The eyeshadow palette included in the Best of Kit came with a glitter overlay but most of the shadows actually worked pretty nicely. I loved the champagne colour on the lids and the dark brown in the outer-v. You’ll see later that this palette will re-appear again!

Overall, I think the Best of Kit is a great way to try cult-favourite items from Hard Candy and to see if you like certain items that are popular by the brand for a low price!


Hard Candy has also released a Bath Oil Trio in the shape of hearts and costs only $3 CAD! To me that is an awesome deal and would definitely make a great stocking stuffer gift.


You can find these three Shadow Trio’s for only $4.97 CAD as a set. To me, that is an amaaaazing deal as you are getting three totally different eyeshadows for such an insanely low price.


As you can see from the swatches, two out of the three swatched pretty well. As first impressions, I’d say the last palette (bottom right) barely had any pigment and was very patchy. I’d say this is still worth it for the price as it is so affordable and you are getting two other unique palettes but as a whole, I’m not sure this is a great gift if one of them is a total dud.


Funny enough, one of the palettes (top right) is the same as the Best of Kit, just in a different shaped palette! Therefore, I don’t think both are necessary if you are gifting them to someone. You do get one less shade in the smaller circular palette, just an FYI.


This Face the Finish set is probably one of my favourites and only retails for $4.97 CAD. It includes a Bronzer and Highlight Duo, a Blush Duo, and a Highlight Duo. Hard Candy is known for their amazing highlights, bronzers and blushes so it isn’t surprising that this impressed me. I think this would be an amazing holiday gift to someone, or to even gift to yourself!


All three duos swatched and performed amazingly. I really enjoyed the blush, the bronzer and the highlight duo was just enough for an everyday look. I totally recommend getting this set if you see it at your local Wal-Mart!


Hard Candy has also released their All in One Brow Kit as part of their holiday collection, going at $4.97 CAD. In this kit, you will receive four brow powders, brow wax, brow highlighter, tweezers, a brush and a comb. I think this is a great deal and I love that they came out with a cute tin for this product along with some great shades for the brows that can suit various people.


Unfortunately, the Blush and Bronzer Kit which is the same price as the brow kit ($4.97 CAD) did not impress me much. Some of the blushes and highlights just did not show much pigment which was disappointing as Hard Candy usually rocks it in this department. In my opinion, as cute as the tin is and all, I would pass on this one due to lack of pigmentation and blend-ability.


Something new to Hard Candy is their Illuminate and Strobing Sticks retailed at $3.00 CAD. I thought this set was pretty nice for only $3, which includes two highlighting sticks and details on the back as to where to highlight and illuminate your face. I personally haven’t used strobing sticks before, but I’m excited to give it a go!


Hard Candy is also known for their awesome lip products and this Fierce Effects Daring Lip Kit is only $3 CAD and includes a lipstick duo and lip liner. One side of the lipstick duo is supposed to give a glossy finish while the other looks more satin to me. I think all these items swatched really nicely and would be a great addition to someone’s makeup collection!


The Look Pro Glitter Eyes includes 8 eyeshadows for $3.00 CAD which is a pretty cute stocking stuffer. These glitter shadows have a glitter overlay on the top, so I’m not sure how much glitter is really in these shadows. These shadows also look similar to the ones in the Best of Kit and the Shadow Trio mentioned previously, so again I don’t think this is a necessary item if you’ve picked one of the others up!

Hard Candy has a Have a Ball Lip Gloss for sale, only retailing at $1.47 CAD. As you can see in the picture above to the left, they come in a variety of flavours (mine is cherry! yum!)


For some concluding thoughts–I think there are some items that are totally worth gifting for the holidays and some that I would pass on for the holiday season. My favourites from this holiday launch include the Best of Kit and the Face the Finish set, along with the Bath Oil Trios.

Let me know if you’ll be grabbing any of these Hard Candy holiday sets this season–for you, or for someone else! Hard Candy is found exclusively at Wal-Mart.

Love always,

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.15.12 AM


3 thoughts on “|First Impressions| Hard Candy – Holiday Edition

  1. Lauren's Lip Glossary says:

    Ugh it always bugs me when there are no shade/product names, it makes things a bit confusing…. especially for us bloggers trying to do reviews ;)! I haven’t tried anything from Hard Candy in ages, but all of these products look pretty amazing! Do you have a favourite product from them?


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